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Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is a version of basketball in which all players must remain seated during the game. This game is primarily designed for persons with lower extremity disabilities who are able to take a sitting position. The rules of wheelchair basketball are basically the same as those of regular, or running, basketball, except for some modifications made for players in wheelchairs as mentioned below. This means that the playing court dimensions, height of the goal (basket) and ball size are identical to those for regular basketball. As a matter of course, players are not allowed to stand up and walk during the game. Wheelchair basketball is very popular among people confined to wheelchairs around the world.

Specific Rules

– A player who is holding the ball may push on the wheels of the wheelchair no more than twice, before dribbling to maintain possession of the ball.
– Each player is given a point value according to the system of player classification by the degree of disability. The total of the points values of the five participating players of a team may not exceed 14.0.
– Another version of wheelchair basketball called “Twin basketball” is also available for persons with both paralyzed upper and lower extremities as a result of cervical level spinal cord injuries or persons with quadriplegic physical disabilities.